Hike tours in Girona region

From the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava

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Hike tours in Girona region, from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava

At Touring Catalonia we offer a few different hiking and trekking tours and also a custom-made service to make your vacation perfect. Get your trainers on! And be ready for a surprising and enriching experience one step at a time.

Garrotxa and Costa Brava hike tour

Costa Brava Girona


Antonio Machado wrote:

Caminante, son tus huellas / Walker, your treads are

el camino y nada más;/ the path and nothing more;

caminante, no hay camino, / walker, there is no path,

se hace camino al andar. / the path is made when walking.

To walk is to slow down. To hike in nature is liberating as it makes you feel like one with the environment. You can discover new plants, insects and colours at every step of the way, even if you decide to walk fast. And best of all you can stop whenever you like.

And so it is, that only when you start walking the path becomes, first because you choose the way and second, because if you don’t start walking you may never know what you can find in that direction.

Yet it’s not all about walking! Bordered by France and the Mediterranean, Catalonia boasts unique traditions and a rich history, this region is well known for its culture, architecture, literature, exquisite cuisine and its amazing wine and cava. All this and much more you can enjoy in the Girona province!

Girona is a versatile land and it offers many different trail intensities as well as various contrasting unspoilt seascapes, landscapes, wild terrains, coastlines, medieval villages and natural reserves. Vegetation is green and exuberant and weather sunny and warm.

Hiking, trekking, walking…. Moving your legs! Is a great cardio exercise and also a good opportunity to share with others (family, colleagues, friends or maybe new friends), others that share your passion others that enjoy the intense and gratifying experience of discovering terrain while walking.

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