Touring CataloniaTouring Catalonia is a small company dedicated to active tourism. It has been created by young people in love with Girona, active tourism and good food. Touring Catalonia offers a high quality and customized service. Our staff takes the time to share and explain the secrets of this land, its customs and traditions, the story behind every village we stop at on our routes… All for you to go back home not only having seen this territory but having felt it.
The passion that drives us is to offer quality in all holiday aspects. Your only concern should be to enjoy yourself, we will take care of everything else!
We organize cycling and hiking routes to discover a world of nature, gastronomy, leisure and peace. Our range of choice increases every year, take a look! And find the holiday that best suits you.
We are selective when choosing accommodation and restaurants to offer you a comfortable stay. Any special requirements or doubts will be managed by our staff member to assure you an ideal holiday.

Girona is a privileged territory that combines mountains and sea like no other. It’s located in Catalonia, between Barcelona and the south of France, just an hour away from both. This is also an ideal holiday destination for those who would wish to visit a few places at once.
La Barroca mountain

La Barroca mountain


Girona city

Girona is also very well known for its gastronomy and medieval architecture. It’s not all about staying active! You will also have the time to enjoy delicious meals and local wine in idyllic sceneries. Girona is the place to be if you want to eat well at a reasonable price!
Touring Catalonia is here to help you discover the quiet places and the historical cities, the great green forests of the Pyrenees and the hidden beaches of the Costa Brava, all of this, and much more is waiting for you in the Girona province.
Parallax volcanoes to sea

Costa Brava beach: Castell

active-tourismActive tourism combines adventure, ecotourism and the cultural aspects of a discovery tour. It brings benefits to the visitors and the visited land. Not only it’s educational, but also it serves recreational interests and one to one cultural exchange. Active tourism is an Ideal way to share quality time with your friends, family or colleagues, while also being a great way to meet new people with whom you share interests and discover new places!
Active tourism means keeping your body healthy and earning every moment of the way. It means surrendering to nature. To practice sport together doesn’t only bring us closer it also makes our vacation a bit more of a fun game.
It requires physical and mental participation from the visitor and follows the maximes of sustainability, protection of Biodiversity and conservation of culture. Active Tourism is low-impact, ecological, socially compatible and high quality, for sure the best way to enjoy nature and new sceneries from respect and contemplation.

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