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Touring Catalonia yoga retreats are designed to satisfy!

Seasonal yoga retreat

Catalonia Girona


Focussed on preventing and helping your body and mind for the weather changes


Yoga retreats in Girona region, from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava

It’s always a good time for a yoga retreat! Often we get so carried away by daily routine we forget to dedicate time to ourselves. That’s what yoga is all about: listening to our mind and body to create a balance between them. Yoga increases your flexibility while it calms your mind and helps you connect with your inner self.

Touring Catalonia offers two different kinds of retreat: one for you to enjoy alone or with friends or with your partner and another specially designed for families that want to practice yoga together. Both retreats are held in nature. A few good reasons to join our retreats:

Be in contact with all 4 elements

During the year we don’t always find the time to practice yoga outdoors. Touring Catalonia’s yoga retreats connect you with nature, with all four elements! In a privileged scenery.  So it is also a good opportunity awaken your senses and connected with your nature through nature.

We will take care of you

Touring Catalonia has a great team and a clear main goal, to make your vacation exceptional.

Patricia is an experienced yoga instructor, she has been trained in  Hatha yoga and has also learnt from other styles like ___, ___, ___. Her personal style and the one she will be teaching during this retreat is___.

Delicious healthy diet

We will adapt to any special requirements regarding food. Three healthy meals a day are included during the retreat. Also you will have free access to fresh fruit and herbal infusions.

A place to flow

Touring Catalonia offers not only a retreat but a space of time to get away from your busy lifestyles and reconnect with your essence and nature.  If you choose to practice yoga with all your family it may also become a bonding experience or even a new activity for your kids and teens. Come and enjoy yoga in a great atmosphere!

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